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Bank Re-Establishes Vision
Publisher Embraces Digital
With our innovative approach and exceptional team of professionals, we’ve helped dozens of companies maximize results and reach their highest level of success. Read some of our case studies below.


As one of the world’s leading publishers, we helped this company maintain their edge by creating and executing a revamped digital strategy. While capitalizing on today’s technology, they were able to increase sales through digital advertising, expand knowledge of consumer preferences and reposition certain brands for optimization in the digital space.

Hindered by an outdated organizational structure, a longstanding bank committed to making changes company wide. By focusing on strong leadership, coordination across business units and decentralized decision making, the company could align to a new vision. After this reorganization, they were able to regain their competitive position in the market.

An established European supermarket saw an opportunity for international expansion, and came to us to develop the framework. After evaluating multiple options, we created a five-year growth plan based on achieving the highest potential value. The result was a significant increase in local market share and an anticipated return on sales in the future.

Despite significant growth, a premier airline was unable to capture the benefits of scale due to high IT and operating costs. We worked with them to evaluate all systems, discover inefficiencies and find effective ways to cut costs. With a new IT and operating model, they gained quantitative and qualitative benefits throughout all areas of the company.

Local Supermarket Goes Global
Airline Revamps IT Model
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